What Do You Do for Fun?

Dear Saturday Night,

I hate this question. “What do you do for fun?”

Yoga? No, too impatient.

Hiking? Haven’t in about two years. Haven’t been in the mood.

Sports? Please. I couldn’t catch a ball to save my life. No coordination.

Painting? I actually wanted to pursue this, but Jameth the roommate said I’m too messy to keep an easel in the living room. So there went that idea.

Restaurants? I’m broke and have an eating disorder.

Travel? Yes, but broke.

Museums? I don’t know, I hop from exhibit to exhibit not really absorbing anything in particular. Maybe I’m just not smart enough.

Surfing? Want to teach me?

Photography? Do selfies and screenshots count?

Shopping? See my On the Brink of 30 & Broke post. Also can’t stand on trying clothes.

Theater? Just really not in the mood to sit through a musical.

Skateboarding? Please see sports.

Cooking? I’m scared of ovens and heat the clean up. I’ll eat the food though.

Going to the beach? My gosh, I’ve found one!

What is fun? By day I run, make smoothies that have spinach in them and cater to the darlings of the healthcare field. By night, I turn into a vodka consuming brat who attempts to churn out snippets that will give someone a good chuckle.

So there. What do you do for fun?

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