Meet the Cast of Men

The following are mini-bios of each men you will encounter throughout the posts. In case you get confused throughout the content of who’s who, here is the breakdown (in no particular order):

Dr. Kid – Plastic surgeon, age 44. Engage in miscellaneous activities after his non-profit’s charity event.

Daddy Bartender– Miguelita gave him my phone number one day at brunch, and from there we ensued in a few weeks long sexting and real sex. He still provides me with free beverages at his bar, thankfully.

Texas Edward– He doesn’t have an iPhone. Enough said.

Grease Fingers– circa April 2016-November 2016. Tortured soul owns a motorcycle shop and stole my heart for a while with god knows what.

Celebrity BF– With enough persistence and the power of the DM on Instagram, you can meet and… yes, bang, anyone. An “actor” known for a specific role on a particular TV series who I sought after once I watched two seasons of his show through the social media platform. And it worked! We met, and then some.

Jeremy– We went to his company X-mas party together. Met through my old boss. Of course he wanted to hit it, but I wouldn’t let it happen. Now he outsources me to work for his clients, aka he gets to boss me around all the time. Foot in mouth.

Loser Larry– Random Tinder date who let me pay for my own drink. Ew. Bye, Dolores.

Coconut Milk Colin– The guy makes his own coconut milk. Met him in real life, then reconnected on Bumble. Technology.